Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Calmness, Relaxation and Peace!

Ylang Ylang Oil Uses & Benefits

From the beautiful yellow petals of the Ylang Ylang tree comes the essential oil of the same name. Used for centuries in tropical Asia, Ylang Ylang has long been revered for its highly desirable sweet floral aroma as well as the many health benefits it provides. Adding to the allure of this amazing oil is its highly versatile nature. The benefits of Ylang Ylang can be experienced topically, aromatically, and even internally, making it a valuable part of your oil collection.

IdealEssentials pure Ylang Ylang oil provides a number of amazing effects, coupled with the added assurance of knowing you received a high quality product. Diffuse into the air for comforting aromatherapy that promotes peace and relaxation, add to your favorite shampoo or conditioner to help promote beautiful, healthy looking hair, or combine with lotion or facial cleanser to help promote healthier skin!

IdealEssentials Ylang Ylang will truly become an essential part of your journey to complete physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

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Calming Floral Aroma

Invite a peaceful aura into your home with the calming aroma of Ylang Ylang. As an effective aromatic, IdealEssentials Ylang Ylang Oil can help reduce stress and support a peaceful relaxed mood.†

Promotes Healthy, Thick Hair

Forget expensive hair care products loaded with harsh chemicals. Add a small amount of IdealEssentials Ylang Ylang Oil to your shampoo or conditioner and experience the benefits of shining, lustrous hair.†

Promotes Healthy Looking Skin

With the addition of just 1-2 drops of IdealEssentials Ylang Ylang Oil to your favorite lotion, you can reap the benefits of healthy skin that will not only feel better, but look healthier as well.†

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