Rosemary Essential Oil

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Rosemary Oil Uses & Benefits

Rosemary falls within the mint family and is often used as an aromatic herb in meal preparation. Beyond pairing well with potatoes and meat, rosemary oil contains incredible properties. Rosemary has been used both anciently and in the modern world for various health promoting purposes.

Rosemary is rich in antioxidants, including carnosol which helps the body fight free-radicals and promotes overall health.†

The common uses for the savory, piney-scented IdealEssentials Rosemary Oil include hair-growth stimulation, healthy digestion, and general temporary muscle-ache relief. Beyond health promoting purposes, IdealEssentials Rosemary can be added to both vegetable and meat dishes for heightened flavor.†

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Natural Hair Growth Stimulation

IdealEssentials Rosemary Oil can be added to shampoo and conditioners to help trigger natural, healthy hair growth. Along with helping promote hair growth, IdealEssentials Rosemary Oil helps extend hair color and may prevent occasional dry scalp.†

Healthy Digestion

Digestion benefits can be produced both topically and internally. When combined with coconut oil, IdealEssentials Rosemary Oil can be massaged into the skin on the abdomen or lower back to promote healthy intestinal and digestive function. Likewise, IdealEssentials Rosemary Oil can be added to culinary dishes to not only heighten flavor, but also assist in smooth digestion.†

Temporary Muscle Relief

IdealEssentials Rosemary Oil can be diluted into a bath to help with occasional cramps or muscle soreness. If you do not have access to a bathtub or simply don’t have the time, the oil can also be massaged directly onto overworked muscles and joints for temporary relief. Add to a hot towel and hold to sore spots for additional relief.†

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