Lavender Essential Oil

Soothes Skin Irritations!

Lavender Oil Uses & Benefits

Also known as lavandula, lavender is a shrub and part of the mint family. Its leaves are narrow and bluish-purple in color. Due to its subtle, sweet floral aroma, it has long been used in perfumes, and has also been used medicinally for thousands of years. It’s use actually dates back to ancient times, around 2,500 years ago.

The lavender oil is very versatile and carries quite a bit of benefits -it’s no wonder it is one of the more popular, well-known oils.

From helping support relaxation and skin health, to helping alleviate occasional nausea from motion sickness, IdealEssentials Lavender Oil is a great addition to your feel-good arsenal. It is easy to use, and is the perfect go-to when you need to relax a bit.†

IdealEssentials Lavender Oil can be used in baths, in a diffuser, added into baked foods to add additional flavor, and even applied topically. If you’re looking to help manage stress and step up your quality of living, this pleasant smelling oil offers several advantages!†

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Relaxation, Sleep, & Mood Support

Life can get really hectic and busy. One of lavenders’ most well-known benefits include its ability to help support feelings of relaxation. In addition to its calming effects, this oil is also used to help increase restfulness and offer mood support.

Offers Skin Irritation Relief

If you’ve ever suffered from an uncomfortable sunburn, chapped skin, minor cuts and wounds, or even itching and swelling from insect stings, IdealEssentials Lavender Oil can help! This oil is used to help soothe the skin and reduce itching.

Helps with Occasional Stomach Upset

For those that occasionally experience stomach upset, IdealEssentials Lavender Oil can help out, and here’s how: lavender is often used to offer relief and support, helping you feel your best.†

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