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Ginger Oil Uses & Benefits

Ginger, one of the first spices to come to Europe in the Oriental Spice Trade, became widely popular for its sharp, warm, and spicy flavor among the Romans and Greeks. It originates from the root of a flowering plant that grows wild in tropical rainforests of Southern Asia. With its unique taste, aroma, and health promoting benefits, it really is no surprise that it is still widely used today.

When it comes to Ginger, the benefits are quite eclectic. You can use it in the kitchen for its rich, spicy flavor, or you can store it in your home cabinet for its many health benefits.

IdealEssentials Ginger Oil can be added to water or liquid to promote regular, healthy digestive function, massaged into exercise-induced sore muscles, and even added to your favorite Asian inspired dishes. If you’re looking for an oil with multiple uses, this is the answer. Step up your health and your cooking with ginger today!

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Promotes Normal Digestive Health

If you suffer from occasional stomach pain and digestive issues, IdealEssentails Ginger Oil may be able to help. It has been shown to help alleviate temporary symptoms of motion sickness, gas, bloating or occasional upset stomach. On top of all of that, it also helps boost your stomach’s natural absorption of nutrients. †

Helps Soothe and Support

Ginger oil’s warm, spicy aroma can be used aromatically to help provide feelings of calm and soothing. To enjoy ginger’s pleasant aroma, you can simply apply it topically or diffuse it. †

Whether you’re travelling or struggling with morning sickness, IdealEssentials Ginger Oil can be a great natural remedy to help alleviate your nausea and upset stomach. Not only through ingesting, but also smelling the oil can help soothe the stomach and decrease feelings of nausea. †

Adds Flavor & Spice to Cooking

Step up your game in the kitchen and start using the sharp, warm, and spicy flavor of IdealEssentials Ginger Oil. It’s perfect for cooking your favorite Asian inspired dishes and makes it easy to put a new spin on some of your favorite recipes.

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