Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Enhance Respiratory Functions!

Eucalyptus Oil Uses & Benefits

Australia is the home to over 700 species of Eucalyptus trees. These trees are highly valuable for several reasons, so much so that science created hybrid trees that would survive in more tropic areas in South America.

Eucalyptus trees are used to create products such as honey, musical instruments, serve as food for animals, and of course essential oils. One of the most common varieties, Eucalyptus globulus, is the worldwide source for oils.

Eucalyptus oil is highly potent but in small quantities can be beneficial. With it’s versatility and soothing properties, it may just become one of your go to essential oils.

The sharp minty aroma of IdealEssentials Eucalyptus Oil may help you breathe easier by supporting normal, healthy respiratory function. It helps soothe sore muscles, can aid in relieving congestion, and may be beneficial for supporting healthy digestion.

With a few easy steps, IdealEssentials Eucalyptus Oil can be combined with some of your other favorite IdealEssential Oils in diffusers, or even your favorite bath bombs. With it's many benefits and warm earthy aroma, this oil will be a staple in your home.

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Breathe Easy

With a few drops of IdealEssentails Eucalyptus Oil in your favorite diffuser you can help clear up the air around you. The earthy minty aroma allows you to breathe easier by opening up and purifying the air.†

Soothe Muscle Aches

After a hard workout there is nothing better than relaxing and taking care of your sore muscles. By adding IdealEssentails Eucalyptus Oil to your routine and massaging it onto the occasional sore muscle, it can be used to help soothe aches and pains.†

Support Digestive Health

For anyone that suffers from digestive issues, IdealEssentials Eucalyptus Oil can help temporarily alleviate feelings of nausea and promote a healthy gut. Whether it is ingested or massaged along the abdomen, this oil can keep you feeling happy and healthy.†

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