Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Clary Sage Uses & Benefits

Salvia sclarea, commonly known as clary sage, is a flowering perennial and can be distinguished by its vertically growing flowers in multiple colors and large leaves. A native of the northern Mediterranean Basin, clary sage has been known in history for its medicinal uses. Currently it is heavily cultivated for essential oil use due to its wide range of benefits.

Clary Sage use has expanded over the years to include more than just medicinal uses. The herb can be found in perfumes and even wine production.

If you are wanting healthy-looking hair and scalp, IdealEssential Clary Sage Oil is a wonderful addition to your daily routine. Your hair will thank you for the added TLC.

IdealEssentials Clary Sage Oil provides a calm and soothing sensation where ever it is. The oil can be applied topically to soothe irritated skin and scalp. You can even place it in your favorite diffuser to promote a calm relaxed feeling in your room, helping give you the restful nights sleep that you have always dreamed of.

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Relaxed, Restful Sleep

There is no greater love than between a person and their sleep. But some nights sleep eludes us. With a drop of IdealEssentials Clary Sage Oil added to your pillow you will be able to experience a restful slumber and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. †

Healthy-Looking Hair and Scalp

Thick, shiny luscious hair is what many of us strive to achieve. Why settle for buying multiple products when you can simply add a little IdealEssentails Clary Sage Oil to your daily hair-care routine? Not only will your hair be healthy but your scalp will feel amazing.†

Soothe Skin Irritation

Occasional rashes, bumps, chapped skin, any skin irritation can really get in the way and be uncomfortable. IdealEssentials Clary Sage may help. With its soothing properties, clary sage can help calm and soothe most skin irritations and may even help reduce redness. †

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