Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Cedarwood Oil Uses & Benefits

Cedarwood has long been used for it's beautiful color and also it's powerful bold, woody scent. Cedarwood has been used in a variety of different ways, from furniture, to clothing preservation, and even house shingles.

Cedarwood essential oil can benefit your life in a variety of ways that go beyond its pleasant aroma, and it is easy to use. Cedarwood is most often diffused and used aromatically, but can be used topically as well.

IdealEssentials Cedarwood oil is pure cedarwood oil, steam distilled from the Atlas Cedar tree sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. IdealEssentials Cedarwood Oil goes through a variety of quality control checks including eight different tests to ensure the highest quality.

Cedarwood oil is great for promoting relaxation, promoting healthy looking skin and repelling insects. Whether you are looking to keep the bugs away, unwind after a busy day, or improve the quality of your skin, IdealEssentials Cedarwood Oil will take care of what you need.

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Supports Relaxation

There are days in your life where everything seems to be coming at you all at once and that can get quite stressful. Unwind after a hectic day by diffusing a few drops of IdealEssentials Cedarwood Oil to kindle a peaceful environment.

Promotes Healthy Looking Skin

Have you noticed a few new skin imperfections? Cedarwood oil is known for its purifying abilities and can help clear occasional imperfections. Add a few drops of IdealEssentials Cedarwood Oil to your facial toner or moisturizer, or directly apply one drop to a specific problem area.

Natural Insect Repellent

Most of the insect repellents out there are full of chemicals that certainly get rid of the pests, but may also be harmful to you. Using a natural insect repellent like IdealEssentials Cedarwood Oil is the way to go.

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