IdealEssentials: High Quality Oils at a Better Value

Essential oils are pretty awesome. If you use them, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, now’s the perfect time to try them out!

They can be helpful for so many things, from home remedies to flavoring food and drinks, and even cleaning.

But there’s just one little problem. When you buy from some companies, essential oils can be a little expensive, and by a little, I mean a LOT.

At IdealEssentials, we’re changing the game by offering a top-notch product at a more affordable price.

But how are we able to lower our prices and still offer premium essential oils sourced from all over the globe? I’ll tell you!

But first, a little bit about how awesome our oils are.

The Highest Quality Essential Oils

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Most people have heard the saying “you get what you pay for” and it can make them wary of products that cost less than most others on the market.

They wonder why the products are sold at a lower price. Is it because they’re cheaply made? Are they lower quality than the higher-priced competitor products?

Lower cost is sometimes associated with lower quality, but this is most certainly not the case with essential oils from IdealEssentials.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard and go to great lengths to offer the highest-quality essential oils available.

At IdealEssentials, we aren’t afraid to venture far and wide, sourcing oils from all over the world.

IdealEssentials oils are sourced from around the world, places as far away as Morocco, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar, to make sure we’re getting the best oils possible.

Our oils are extracted using either steam distillation or a cold press method to ensure that the product is pure and not filled with other materials that could decrease the quality of the oil.

Before they’re ready to hit the shelves, IdealEssentials oils go through many rounds of evaluation using 8 different tests to assess purity and quality.

Only when we’re sure that we’ve produced the very best oil possible are we ready to offer it to our customers.

But that still doesn’t answer the question of why do IdealEssentials oils cost less. I’m about to get to that!

Why does IdealEssentials Cost Less

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So why are we able to market our oils at a lower price than other businesses?

There are 2 main reasons why we’re able to offer a more affordable product than other companies.

1. IdealEssentials is Not an MLM

MLM is an acronym that stands for multi-level marketing, a sales strategy that some companies use. It’s based on incentivizing customers to advertise the company’s products or services to others. 

Basically, it’s a way for businesses to use consumers as non-salaried sales reps.

When people buy from the company, they’re encouraged to recruit their friends to become customers as well, and they’re generally offered a small commision on whatever their friends purchase.

This isn’t necessarily a bad practice, but since the company has to pay out incentives, it can lead to higher priced products.

IdealEssentials is not an MLM, which allows us to sell our oils at a much lower price than other companies that use this marketing strategy.

2. Our Markup is Lower

A simple fact of business is that a company has to sell their product at a higher price than they paid for it.

If they don’t, they’ll never be able to turn a profit and as such, they won’t be in business for very long.

The amount that the company charges beyond what they pay for an item is called a markup.

Every business has to decide how much they’re going to mark up their product, making sure that the price is high enough to make a profit but not so high that people won’t buy it.

Some essential oil companies mark their products up quite a bit, hoping that people will view their product as ultra-premium and pay a higher price.

But our top priority is not trying to get as much money as possible from each and every sale. We want to get our essential oils into the homes of as many people as possible.

We strive to create a family atmosphere by building a customer base that trusts us, knowing that we value them.

That’s why we decided we wanted to offer high-quality oils at the most affordable price because at IdealEssentials, we’re in this for the long haul.


A vial full of lavender oil

So there you have it, the big reasons why IdealEssentials is a great value.

If you want quality essential oils at an affordable price, then IdealEssentials is just what you’ve been looking for!



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