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The Beginning

As a member of the Ideal Family of brands, IdealEssentials started out in the mountainous Utah County. After years of research, development, formulating, and rigid testing, IdealEssentials released their first line of essential oils in the summer of 2018. With a dedication to purity and quality, IdealEssentials stands behind every single bottle they produce.

Our Team

IdealEssentials is much more than just a rapidly growing brand with unparalleled product quality. From the therapeutic oils and product offering to an unrivaled team of dedicated customer care representatives to research and development professionals and more, IdealEssentials is changing the way people take care of their minds and bodies, one drop at a time.

Today & Tomorrow

IdealEssentials has released a wide range of the highest quality essential oils, and this is only the beginning. With the goal of building the biggest essential oils company in the world in order to help as many individuals as possible, IdealEssentials continues to be at the forefront of product development and innovation.

Our Mission…

We strive to bring the life-changing benefits of essential oils to our customers, their families and homes to enhance their physical and emotional wellness to live an overall healthier life.

With oils sourced from the far reaches of the earth and having gone through eight rounds of testing, you can rest assured you’re getting the absolute best essential oil to support your health and wellbeing.

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